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Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Internet marketing and search engine optimization requires careful planning and execution with extensive knowledge of the internet and how it works. Businesses often throw money or time at an internet marketing plan that is not fully researched. This is waste.

Supportus Maximus realizes that every business is different. Factors that must be considered before embarking on an internet marketing or SEO campaign include the following:

These are just a few of the things that we take into consideration when we design an internet marketing campaign for your business. Some people use the shotgun effect and just bombard people with spam or site content. We are much more precise. We work to get clients that are long-lasting and appreciate your company. Sometimes, just adding a word here and a word there on your home page can make the difference between hundreds of visitors and thousands of visitors. Often small website changes, that are monitored over time can be much more effective than total website makeovers.

Give us a call, we'd love to talk about your business. (323) 634-9098.

Here are some of our past and current projects.

WGA Speechless Campaign

speechless without writers

In November of 2007, the writers strike slowed Hollywood down considerably. In the picket lines, a group of writers and directors, including Kamala Lopez, George Hickenlooper, Jill Kushner, Alan Sereboff and Charles Eglee, got together to make internet videos, enlisting the help of high-profile Hollywood actors. The actors and directors who stepped up to the plate included Holly Hunter, Woody Allen, Sean Penn, Justine and Jason Bateman, Paul Haggis and many many others. The campaign was dubbed "Speechless Without Writers." With the help of Joel Marshall of Supportus Maximus, this idea was realized. Supportus Maximus provided internet strategy consulting, editing, capturing and compressing of the videos, and the uploading and delivering of content to various websites and television programs including YouTube, CNN, The John Stewart Show, Bright Cove, Time Magazine, and Deadline Hollywood Daily. With the help of the Writers Guild of America, and many many others, Joel Marshall, of Supportus Maximus, Inc. was instrumental in making this a huge viral success.

We invite you to Google "Speechless Without Writers" to see the success of the campaign. Here are some links, but there are many others.

United Hollywood You Tube

United Hollywood Bright Cove

Deadline Hollywood Daily

Speechless Without Writers Time Magazine Article

Canon "Bring it" 72-Hour Film Festival

Fat Free Film, the indie film podcast and Duly Noted, Inc. joined forces with the Los Angeles Film Festival and Canon International to present the Canon "Bring it" 72-hour film festival.

Supportus Maximus provided all the internet marketing, video capturing, editing, viral marketing, press releases, email blasts, website programming, live video streaming, and iTunes video presence.

iTunes featured the video podcast prominently in its "New Releases" Section. Thousands of visitors watched the videos. provided front page coverage of the event where the contestants were selected.

Canon gave out an HD Camera to the winner, Patricio Ginelsa. Below is a video compilation of the event.

Bring It Compilation from fatfreefilm on Vimeo.


A Single Woman the Movie

A Single Woman Movie

The production company, Heroica Films, enlisted the help of Supportus Maximus to create them a dynamic site that shows off the special nature of their film A Single Woman. This site includes a page for each actor and production person on the film. It also includes a picture gallery, a trailer from the film and it is uniquely optimized for beauty and maximum Search Engine marketing capability. The fonts on the site are unique and stylistic without losing the SEO friendly searchable text. Flash is incorporated on the site with internet marketing in mind.

The Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer

law offices of brian d. witzer

The Law Firm of Brian D. Witzer came to Supportus Maximus, Inc. because they needed a way to communicate the special services that they provide. Supportus Maximus provided them with a special site that presents videos about all aspects of the Los Angeles plaintiff's attorney practice.

Supportus Maximus provided over 40 videos, which were produced completely by Supportus Maximus, optimized and presented on the site using a MySQL database and a PHP programmed site where videos can be easily added in the future.

Supportus Maximus also provided contact forms at the bottom of each page on this extensive, informational site. The Witzer Law practice continues to grow and Supportus Maximus is there with them as their needs increase.

Fat Free Film, the Independent Film Podcast

fat free film

Joel Marshall, of Supportus Maximus has produced Fat Free Film for several years now. He is the host, along with Kamala Lopez. They have provided a podcast for up-and-coming filmmakers for many years now.

They have presented over 70 in-depth interviews that can be played on the site. Everything has been produced by Supportus Maximus, including the podcast, the editing of the interviews, the hosting of the show, viral marketing, newsletters and website design.

Guests have included Leonard Nimoy, Henry Jaglom, Peter Bogdanovich,Patricia Arquette, Arthur Hiller and many more people who work in film.

SEO Hollywood

SEO Hollywood

Supportus Maximus has recently started the SEO Hollywood Organization. Streaming shows about search engine optimization. The mission is to help remove the mystery of what works and what doesn't. The two personalities, Ji Cecil and Tristan Black take a semi-weekly look at internet marketing in an irreverent and fun way.

Live streaming from, whenever they feel like it.

SEO Hollywood