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Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Website design and search engine optimization are becoming more and more important in this emerging world. Websites have become the primary presence of many companies. How you present yourself requires careful consideration and planning.

At Supportus Maximus, take our clients' web presence very seriously. Each business is different, and how each business presents itself should reflect its individuality as well as its strengths, services and products.

We believe that websites are a tool for consumers to get the goods and services that they need. We approach the design of the site from the viewpoint of the buyer who is looking for these products and services. We start with how the person will find your site and work from there.

Then we look at the perception that your company wants to present. Careful work and survey is done to provide you with the right colors, font, website programming, databases, hosting and various other factors that you as an expert in your unique field may not even be aware of.

The following are some websites that we have designed and constructed from the ground up. These clients are just a sample of the varied website that we have developed and maintained:

ERA Education Project


A Single Woman the Movie

A Single Woman Movie

Crowns the Gospel Musical

Crowns the Gospel Musical

Steve Heard, Photographer

Steve Heard Photography

Silvestri Storyworks

Silvestri Storyworks

Christopher Holmes, Editor

Chris Holmes Editor


CCC Publications

Judy's Art Gallery

Judys Art Gallery